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Release Related

How many books will there be? Seven Poets was conceived as a trilogy. Seven Poets and the Assassin's Secret is the first book and there will be two others.

When will book two be released? Release is planned for the first half of 2013.

How much does the app cost? The app is free to download, and the first 2 (of 9) weeks of content are free. After that, an entire week of content can be purchase for just $.99. Articles from the Broadside are free throughout.

Is the app only for iOS devices? Yes, however the book will be available for the Amazon Kindle beginning Tuesday, October 16th. And you can follow along with the Broadside for free online at

How do Challenges/Rewards work? The majority of chapters, starting with Chapter One, have Challenges associated with them. At least one Challenge each week will have a Reward. Challenges typically tie into something the characters are experiencing in the story--whether traveling by new means, or making breakfast, or picking locks. The Rewards are typically additional content that ties into the story--video, text, audio, or images.

Known Bugs

App crashes when trying to share "Your Story." This was fixed in release version 1.0.4.

Content doesn't load properly--missing text or newsroom article. The app relies on communication with the server to download new content. On rare occasions your app might not want to download the newest content. This can be fixed by force quitting the app and reopening.

My chapter scrolling is sluggish/text doesn't appear when it's supposed to. Why is that? We're not sure. Text does appear if you keep scrolling, but the screen does appear blank for a moment on first read. We're looking into it.

Have Other Questions?

Contact us at If you're experiencing a technical issue with the app, please note the version of the app and the device you are using (iPhone 4, iPad 2, etc.).

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